Friday, June 13, 2008

That Didn't Take Long

Yesterday I posted about being home and already feeling antsy. Today we packed up the camping supplies and drove to Augusta to visit my sister. Her boyfriend is out of town and she's invited us to camp at a nearby state park and go to an interesting restaurant across the state line in South Carolina on Saturday.


Mickey said...

More camping: Yay!

(Note to anyone disappointed in my lame comments: I'm gunning for Comment365, so suck it.)

Julie said...

Today, I decided to make a comment longer than your post. It won't be very hard. It's a rather short post (which you should not take as a challenge to write longer posts).

You are a camping fiend lately. If you don't stop it, you might turn into a camp. Or confuse your child with a bear and shoot it.

Side note to Mickey: who did you pay hundreds of thousands to write your comment? The fine citizens of Springfield paid an ad agency a lot of money to come up with their catchy phrase of "Springfield: Good."

Hooray! I win.