Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where Are All These Ants Coming From?

There are a lot of ants in Mistletoe State Park. Every slightly food like substance is soon swarmed by piss ants, these tiny little ants that don't seem to bite or sting. They were in the trash, in my parents' camper and in my car.

The little restaurant we went too was pretty cool. The owners are artists and turned a house out in the middle of nowhere into a restaurant. There are tons of interesting wood carvings, including the wine cabinet in one of the dining rooms that is a hand-carved piece. I've got a couple of photos that I'll upload into this space later. The food was pretty good, but the coolest part was how they cook their steaks. One of the owners built a clay horno oven outside and instead of cooking them on a grill or on the stove, he sticks them in a pan and slides the pan onto the fire in the clay oven, which supposedly reaches temperatures of 1800 degrees F. I'm not sure how accurate that was, but let's just say you could see the steaks changing from the extreme heat in the oven. Really cool.


Mickey said...

Well then get some pictures up, bitch!

Sounds interesting.

Julie said...

Good thing your parents potty trained you by having you pee on ant hills. You know just how to handle this piss ants.