Saturday, October 25, 2008

Does Not Compute

I'm really digging the hockey this year. The Thrashers are being their normal frustrating selves this season (they seem to be working on keeping all three columns in their record even this year) but I've even been watching some non-Thrashers hockey this year, something I could never get into in the past couple of years that I've followed the sport. It's always easier to follow a game when you're emotionally vested in the outcome. The only sport that I can consistently watch games in which I have no real interest in the outcome is college football. I don't even watch a lot of NFL football outside of the Falcons, although I don't limit myself to the Atlanta games, either.

It just seems to me that a guy to develop a serious interest in hockey when he grew up in a place where the average low temperature during the dead of winter is still a good fifteen points above freezing and going out in a T-shirt and jeans in January is often a comfortable wardrobe option. I know I've never seen water naturally occurring in its solid state past noon in my hometown, although I think I may have back when I lived in the foothills of northwest Georgia. Of course I've experienced true blizzards in Cleveland and Denver, but visiting for a week isn't the same as living in a place where ice and snow are common.

But if you're a part of the Thrashers organization and read this, do you think you guys could play defense or something? Lehtonen must feel like a pinata with the sheer number of shots on goal he takes every night he's out on the ice.

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Julie said...

Yeah, we got tickets for the game on 11/2... hopefully, they won't suck it up.