Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Not Sure What I'm Doing

Even though I'm not quite done and a little past deadline, I had one too many technical glitches yesterday and just quit working on my classes. I'll get back to them this morning, but I was completely at the fuck-it point after two days of working on class work during my breaks at work and all of my time at home. I just needed the break. I feel better now.

I actually watched game two of the World Series last night. I should qualify that by saying that I watched the last three innings while flipping back and forth between Sports Center on ESPN for football and hockey news and writing this post, however. I realized that baseball is still far too slow-paced for me and that I'm actually really pulling for the Rays. It has nothing to do with their location. I hate Florida and would be perfectly happy if we could harness the California earthquakes to float Florida out into the Atlantic. I kind of like parts of California. Florida sucks. My only explanation is that I like the total crap to first story. It's even more impressive than the Atlanta worst to first story.

And moving on without anything resembling a transition...

I know I had bookmarked a couple of sites earlier in the week about hiking in north Georgia and Florida so I could e-mail Mickey to see if he had any plans later this year and found that the bookmarks were nowhere to be found. I tried searching for the sites again only to find that I'm not getting the sites I had on Monday, so I decided to scroll down through the past terms entered into that text box on Google and realized there were a few that were really funny out of context. I'm not even sure why I searched these in the past.

1. Exact phrase, "I like whores"
2. Exact phrase "Irish racism"
3. Frog sex
4. Exact phrase "leprechaun racism"
5. Exact phrase "black chinese iranian"

Apparently, I'm overly obsessed with reproductive practice and race.


JustinS said...

I knew you had it in for little people, you bigot. You're the reason Lucky never gets his fucking Lucky Charms!

Julie said...

Wow. I knew you were eclectic, but it's a little frightning to see it in writing.