Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Want a Mushroom Head!

I really hate it when lame movies take over the world with their marketing. For example, High School Musical III has become so omnipresent that they're even marketing it through white bread commercials. It really annoys me, not just because I can't get away from a movie I have no interest in (they're playing High School Musical related ads on Adult Swim, even), but I also have an ideological hatred of anything that promotes an appreciation for musical cinema.

The only good thing about this pervasive marketing is Corbin Bleu. I don't care if he can act (probably not) or if he can sing. I just know he has really cool hair. I wish I could have that big mushroom of brown shag of his. It's like he's wearing an angora goat on his head, although it was a bit cruel of him to cut off the horns like that.

Cool hair. If I were a french frontiersman in the 1700s I would have gladly taken that scalp. But seriously the thing about the bread commercial wasn't a joke. I have proof.

What the hell? Youtube doesn't have the commercial? How is that possible?


Jacob said...

You'd be surprised how much influence parents who aren't afraid of hurting their little precious' feelings have over a kid.

My mom would have just refused to feed me if I'd given her an ultimatum like that and if I were dumb and tried to whine or use hysterics to get what I wanted, I was regretting it.

I've got a feeling I'll occassionally fold on requests for stupid movies (but no musicals, that's aimed at girls anyway), but stupid food will never be honored.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're categorically dismissing musical theater as an art form. You know as well as I do that South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut was pure, unadulterated genius.