Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving on the Rocks

Our Thanksgiving meal was simpler than usual but the atmosphere was nice. Our campground is pretty much at the top of the ridge on which Amicolola Falls State Park is centered. From our collection of picnic tables (some from the sites our family occupied and one stolen from a neighboring site that became occupied toward the end of the dinner, meaning that dessert was postponed for a brief session of lugging wood and steel back to where it belonged.

Our food got a little colder a little quicker than normal, but it was kind of nice sittig outside on a reasonably nice November day. Honestly, I prefered it to the normal indoor feast. For some reason, it seems a little less claustrophobic when 20 people gather around a set of tables in the great outdoors than when they cram into a modest home.


Julie said...

I would have appreciated a nice breeze as I stood over the oven (which vents inside) carving the turkey and making gravy.

Mickey said...

Definitely sounds nice.