Sunday, February 01, 2009

One From the Cuz

My cousin David recently won a campus film festival at Georgia Tech. I saw him at the Atlanta Cask Ale Festival yesterday, quite unexpectedly. Last year, K and I invited him and his girlfriend Hilary to the ACAF and they apparently enjoyed it. The day tickets went on sale this year, I bought four and then got a call from my friend Larry who was stuck at a high school football game and needed tickets. These things usually sell out in hours, so I told him I already had him covered, but if he could get to a computer in time to buy his own to let me know because I already had someone else I knew who would take them. Larry didn't get home until after the fest sold out, so I ended up just not telling David that we ever had tickets for him. I was a little surprised to see the two over next to the cheese table about fifteen minutes after K and I rolled in looking for beer to fill our sweet new Terrapin India Brown Ale pints. Sucks that they didn't come hang out with us in the bars of Decatur like they did last year. Of course, we didn't really hang out with ourselves in the bars of Decatur like we did last year. I ate sushi with frequent commenter Julie and her hubby and friends while K ate Tex-Mex with our friends Larry and Amal before we decided to go back to the hotel and go to bed while walking to The Brick Store.

Anyway, after a couple of samples, David happens to mention that he should be considering these his celebration beers after winning the campus film festival earlier. He said that he'd been taken by surprise with the announcement because he'd thought several of the other short films had been excellent, leaving him no chance.

I just watched it though. It's pretty funny. I have no idea how crappy the other movies were, but this wasn't half bad. Congrats, David.

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Julie said...

I had fun at sushi with you. Thanks for coming. Everyone in my party seemed to have a good time at the cask ale, too.

Tell your cousin that his video is strange and amusing.