Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Back

I always hate coming home after a trip. I'm a nomadic soul and being home is a bit of a prison sentence for me.

That said, there are a couple of reasons I can bear being at home tonight.
  1. We can finally get E back on a schedule. The kid was clingy and annoying on the trip because he was out of his element. I don't blame him, but it will be nice to get him back to himself. Too bad he got sick on the drive back home and may continue his clinging to K for another few days because of it.
  2. I have fairly constant Internet access now. I was well distracted from my loss of a regular Internet feed in Wyoming, but that's only going to last so long for an computer junkie.
And that's pretty much it. Here are a few reasons I'm not glad to be home.
  1. For some reason our floor is peppered with dead houseflies and other winged insects. I'm not sure how this happened or whether or not I'd want to know.
  2. You know how you don't really smell your own house because you're used to it? Well, you start to smell it again after being gone for two weeks. This house still smells like old people and none have lived in this house for years.
  3. There's no beer here. Well, there is a fridge full of beer that I brought home from three states, but that's only going to last a couple of days or so. (That's a joke; it'll last at least a week.) When that runs out, I can't just go out to the store and buy more beer. The local stores don't even carry Sam Adams. It's just too exotic for the average Joe here.
  4. I've seen all of this stuff before. Why would I want to spend my time looking at buildings and scenery that I've seen before? It doesn't make sense.
  5. It was over a hundred effing degrees today. Fuck! It was still 90 degrees outside when I was unloaded the car in the dark at almost 10 p.m. I haven't had to sweat in two weeks and walking from the car to the front door gave me a nice salty sheen. I was dripping by the time I finished unloading the car. I hate summer in Georgia.
Tomorrow, I'll get up a road trip by the numbers post and later this week I'll put up more photos and a more detailed travelogue.


Cj said...

Well one good thing for GA is that they can now sell New Belgium beer here! Ill have to bring some on my next visit home :-)

Julie said...

It is stupid hot here and you're further south. I'm sorry you had to come home to that. Perhaps heat intensifies the smell of old people?

Courtney said...

Sorry E is sick. Maybe two weeks away was too much for the little guy. Still, I'm glad all three of you made it out here and that you had such a good time.