Monday, June 22, 2009

Road Trip by the Numbers

As my previous post stated, K, E, and I finally arrived home late last night from our two-week road trip out to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Because I'm lazy and have other stuff to do today, I'm summing up our entire trip in statistics today. You'll get the more stimulating and visual treatment later this week, hopefully tomorrow. I have some great photos; I just have to get them edited and captioned. To tide you over, here's my trip by the numbers.

  • Total miles driven ≈ 4,750
  • Total number of days away from home = 17
  • National parks visited = 3
  • Sites run by the National Park Service visited = 4
  • States added to our "States Visited" list = 7
  • States added to my beer list = 2
  • New beers tasted while on the trip = 24 (not all were full-size beers)
  • Most miles hiked in a single day ≈ 14
  • Times I puked from elevation after that hike = 2
  • Elevation of hike that led to puking ≈ 8,500 feet
  • Nights below freezing (in mid June) = 1
  • Days with highs above 70 (in mid June) = 1 (not counting driving days)
  • Days I wished it was warmer = 0
  • Nights I wished it was warmer = 4
  • Days I wished for less rain = 5
  • Times I heard Go, Diego, Go!, Dora the Explorer, or Wonder Pets on this trip = Can't count that high.
  • Wyoming lakes into which E threw rocks = 3
  • Times E begged to hold or pick up a bison = 3,786
  • Times E begged to go to a playground = 3,785
  • Ducklings to die under my parents' care = 2
  • Ducklings left alive when I got back home = 10
  • Ducklings we actually need = 0
  • Times I felt homesick or wondered what was going on at home during the trip = 0


Julie said...

E wanted to pick up the bison? The kid aims high.

P.S. - my butt hurts just thinking about driving 4,750 miles.

Courtney said...

I now know all the Diego and Wonder Pets songs, thanks to you. "The phone! The phone is ringing!"