Sunday, November 29, 2009

Death by a Thousand Tiny Cuts

Photo: Hamed Saber, Flickr Creative Commons

This weekend has been a crappy weekend. I guess I should have realized it was going to be this way when I was so damned productive Saturday morning. Being productive always puts me in a foul mood and I probably wasn't the nicest person to K yesterday, although I wasn't exactly mean to her either. I was just more aloof than normal and a little snippy when she kept interrupting me while I did my school work. Then there was that whole Georgia Tech game. I hope you're happy A Free Man. Tech probably lost because I flaked on writing that football post for your blog. Despite being a skeptic in real life about most things, I do tend to have a bad habit about assuming my favorite sports teams' success depends on things that I do. I don't really believe it, but it feels like I do sometimes.

Oh, and I only got four of my 17 college football picks right this weekend, so I had no actual sense of success Saturday. I went to bed in a pretty bleak mood.

This morning I awoke to the sight of my sister's dogs playing tug of war with one of my chickens. My sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law did the clean up of the massacre, so I think I'm down to only the older hen who can't leave the back yard. At least the ducks were too comfortable on the water to be bothered by the dogs.

Of course, none of these events on their own was enough to ruin my weekend. I'm not such a priorities-out-of-order kind of guy to even let Tech losing to Georgia ruin my weekend as long as something else goes right. Add them all together and I'm almost ready to just go to work on Monday.

I also feel it's safe to assume that because my weekend has been so sucky so far that my bad luck streak will continue with an Atlanta Falcons loss to the dreadful Tampa Bay Bucs and a complete flop by all of my fantasy football teams. Eli Manning has already taken the necessary steps to sink at least one of my teams. Thanks dick. You'll never be half the man your two older brothers will be. I hope you realize this and I hope it haunts you for the rest of your life.

On a brighter note, I've decided that my posts are just too bland, so I'll be making use of Flickr's Creative Commons database to find photos I can use that are both cool looking and hopefully appropriate. They'll always come with an attribution and a link to the photographer's Flickr page.


Julie said...

So your entire day wasn't a loss - the Falcons won. You can thank me for that. I shared the elevator at the Tech Hotel with one of the O-line coaches Saturday and wished him luck. You're welcome.

courtney said...

I prefer to pretend that the game never happened.

Sorry about your chicken. You've had a regular bird holocaust on your hands lately.

A Free Man said...

HA! Ha ha ha ha ha! HA!

Oh god, that almost made this a decent season.

A Free Man said...

By the way, I wasn't laughing at your chicken. But I am still laughing at the Nerd Herd.

Jacob said...

You do realize I wouldn't have said anything to you had Tech won, don't you? That's the difference between Tech fans and Georgia fans. IQs above the moderately impaired level keep us Tech fans from having to talk smack.

And I could have talked smack last year.