Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finally Those Photos I Promised

If you notice, our first stop of the first day still included sun. This is the back of Daniel's head.

Same rest stop. This time you get the front of Mickey's head eating cheese and homemade bread. The guy bakes his own bread. I would mock him for that if I didn't do that as well.

The Appalachian Trail sign post at Deep Gap. It's already getting pretty foggy at this point.

At this point in the hike we had already escaped the first day's fog. We saw an awful lot of these bear sanctuary signs but no actual bears.

This was the view from the top of Standing Indian Mountain. Incredible. The photo doesn't do it justice.

This is the survey marker that proves that we made it to the summit of Standing Indian. The weird part is that there were two of these about 10 yards apart at the top.

This was the guy we shared camp with the first night. The guy had an ultralight tarp shelter, a Tyvek ground sheet, but then packed in 10 lbs of camera equipment. This view of lower elevations at dawn had us convinced we'd be able to see the sun later in the day as well. We were wrong.

This photo doesn't show it very well, but as the sun rose directly over the peak, it created a rainbow halo around the mountain's shadow on the clouds below. It was really pretty cool.

The AT is pretty heavily used despite the remoteness of some of its stretches. Because of that, the path is actually concave in many sections, making it hard to lose the track. This is Daniel's dog Villi, the brother of a dog my wife and I had until the year before our son was born when it went missing. Villi is actually a great hiking dog, although he usually hiked the trail twice, once running ahead and again running back to check on us. The only sound he made the entire trip was snoring at night.

This is why there are no more photos from the last day and a half of the hike. The hike was actually worth taking, but there just weren't any photo ops after this. This was about as good as it got after lunch on the second day and I'd packed my camera up on the last day when the sun finally did come out.


Haukur HeiĆ°ar said...

impressive to say the least..

Julie said...

That first photo from above the fog is great, Jacob. Thanks for sharing!

courtney said...

Nice photos. Looks like a cool hike.