Thursday, April 08, 2010

At Best I'll Be Asleep When You Get Back

Photo: Pixel Addict, Flickr Creative Commons

Pandora has been on a roll this morning, pumping out a string of songs that are either just really fucking awesome or just happen to be right for the moment. I'm sitting here in the dark for some reason. Well, it's not entirely dark. The emergency light over the door never turns off and my computer monitor illuminates my knuckles nicely. I forgot to flip the switch when I came in the room for some reason and when I realized it a few minutes later, it felt kind of nice, so I didn't bother to get out of my chair and walk back over to the switch.

Maybe Pandora noticed my mood and decided to be extra sweet to me today. She's rolled out old favorites of mine like Johnny Cash and Nick Drake, kept the mood mellow with The Shins and "Let it Be" by the Beatles, pointed out that I should have listened better when Ryan used to push the Red House Painters so much. She even threw in a little Presidents of the United States of America for levity. Gang Starr may seem like they just don't fit in with their Hip Hop beats, but at least they have the decency to to be a little weird.

I shouldn't be so happy right now. I'm tired. I've struggled to get out of the bed all week. I'm burned out and need a break from work. My legs hurt. The shin splints returned from too much time spent on the tennis courts filling in for missing players this week. I can't even line up an interview to keep from having to return to a classroom in the fall. But then my moods have never really been based on reality. Seventh grade wasn't really that bad, but if I hadn't been so afraid of failure, I wouldn't be happy today.


A Free Man said...

I just turned off the light in my office because of your post. It's nicer for it to be a bit dim. Fluoro lights make me nuts.

Jacob said...

There was a period of time when I taught back at the alternative school with the crazy principal that I got the chance to leave my class for a period a day because another teacher was coming in to teach health or something. I'd go into the teacher workroom and leave the lights out, but that was mainly that was the most stressful job I'd ever had and it's easier to relax in the dark.

Yesterday's post was written in the dark because of an opposite set of emotions.

Chris said...

Pandora is strangely unpredictable -- sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. The other day it tried to mix a little heavy metal (Alice in Chains, I think it was) into my Ben Folds station. WTF?