Monday, August 09, 2010

Go Forth and Blogify!

Photo: thekeithhall, Flickr Creative Commons

I'm sure most of you are struggling to fend off the nearly unbearable boredom and ennui that affects you between each of my blog posts. If you don't, keep it to yourself. I need to believe that you're out there silently screaming for an increase in my productivity to help you forget the crap that is your life. As an alternate remedy for your life, I would recommend that you increase your consumption of alcohol because that makes one feel quite nice at times, but I feel some misgivings at recommending something that, when taken in excess, leads to bad stuff like hangovers and heartburn. Oh, and that cirrhosis thing.

Instead, I'm going to recommend a few other blogs I've found recently that have turned out to be interesting and well presented. Unlike the personal-journal style of the blogs that make up most of my blog roll, these are specific interest blogs, mostly art for some reason.

I'm not much of an artist, at least in the visual way. I have a great imagination of what I'd like to see, but I've always been miserable when it came to turning that vision into reality. Because of this, I've always had a soft spot for people who really can turn that vision into something the rest of us can actually experience as well. My Love for You Is a Stampede of Horses showcases the kind of stuff that I'd like to think I'd make if there weren't such a disconnect between my frontal lobes and my hands. It's usually quirky, surreal, or surprising, and at times is simply just incredible. Just be forewarned that artists always seem to be obsessed with boobies and penises and as such, these will sometimes appear in the images the blog selects. It's not an everyday thing and I'm sure if you're reading this blog you're not too much of a prude to handle this in an adult manner, but I don't want you to get fired from your job either. None of my links includes any such images so you're safe for now.

Did you notice that the link for "simply" was on the side of a building? I'm using that as my transition to the next blog. While My Love For You is a wide ranging art affair covering everything from sculpture and painting to fabrics and collage, The Wooster Collective focuses on nothing more than graffiti, or at least that and graffiti-style artists. Some of these guys actually get paid to do murals and stuff. It's just in the style that grew out of the illegal defacement of buildings. That being said, most of what gets posted on this site is really freaking cool and is worth adding to your RSS feeds even if you don't read a word of the text. Honestly, I don't usually read. I just like to see the art.

Dark Roasted Blend is a little harder to explain. The site describes itself as "All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful Things," but there really does to be a mild emphasis on design, especially the design of the past and its evolution. These are often large posts, full of images, and well researched, although they can be as simple as a single video with a little bit of background. Little Gandhi spent part of Sunday morning perusing the several posts on antique locomotives after I introduced him to the recent post about garbage trucks. It kept him occupied for at least an hour while we finished packing up my sister's house so she could move to Michigan.

Just don't expect this blog to change. This will always be a personal blog. The theme is me and you'll just have to deal with. I apologize for that sincerely.


Sid said...

Thanks for the warning. I really can't afford another talk from the IT department about accidentally stumbling on porn. Yes, I said stumble.

Just clicked on the link that led to mini quilts. Now I'm lusting after her bathroom. Shit the surrounding furniture is way more interesting than her quilts.

Courtney said...

Pretty cool. I'll be adding My Love For You to my RSS feed.