Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Oozing Out Into the Mainstream

Photo: Julija...!, Flickr Creative Commons

I did a guest post for today. I actually spent more time and work on that post than I have for any of the shite I've scribbled out for this site, mainly because I consider this a glorified journal and consider that to be a more professional gig even though I don't get any money for it. I may get a few chicks out of it, but I'm afraid I'll have to return them if I do. My wife doesn't share well with others.

It's a beer review of an organic beer by Fuller's. It was a good beer. It's not exactly great. The beer obviously needed to appeal to a wider audience since it's already a niche product being organic and all, but Fuller's did the concept well. It's not going to be a hit with the beer geeks, but that's not entirely a flaw. It's too mild and gentle, and we beer geeks tend to be so jaded that unless the beer is big enough to kill a lesser palate, it can barely keep our attention.

Actually, I'm not quite that bad. I have a better appreciation for the little beers than many beer geeks. I appreciate that the milder a beer is, the less room a brewer has for mistakes because off flavors and aromas can't be buried under mounds of roast or tongue scorching hop levels. Also, there are times I don't want a heavy, sweet imperial stout or an IPA so big that it distracts me from what's going on around me. I like a well done pilsner, wheat beer, or golden ale, and this was a pretty good beer. I still hate Budweiser and Bud Light, though. That stuff is crap.

But seriously, go read the review and if you don't care about beer, go read something else on TheGreenists. Karma will prevent your next near-fatal car accident if you do. I promise.


Courtney said...

Thanks again for writing that review. Looking forward to your compost piece.

Mickey said...

Yeah, it was a good review. Like you said, Fuller's is probably better off putting out a beer with broad appeal. No sense going for a niche within a niche at this point in the game.

Julie said...

Would have an easier time commenting on bbq and I don't like bbq.

Thanks for being our expert witness.

PS - my verification word is stionst. Are you starting a new religion or something?