Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Worst. Fantasy. Season. Ever.

Photo: JustUptown, Flickr Creative Commons

I just have to say that any vanity I've managed to develop through my success in fantasy football and college pick 'em games the past few years has been thoroughly crushed this season. I've simply been horrible. I guess I can at least partly blame my preoccupation with classes. I just didn't feel like I really understood the game this year. It's true, I didn't even realize that Northern Illinois was a surprisingly good team in the MAC until just before the championship game they lost in a huge upset. It's true. I've been a failure this fall.

I mean, I usually get close to 70 percent of my picks against the spread. This year I was only 53% successful. Count the two dropped weeks and I drop another half percent. True, I came in fourth, but I've won the league two of the last three years. I was supposed to be competitive this year and I never was. I was even further behind until the last few weeks when I started a small comeback.

My fantasy teams are even worse. I finished seven of ten and nine of ten in two leagues with records of 5-8 and 4-9. Those are just the two leagues that have moved on to the playoffs without me. In a week, I'll have failed to make the playoffs in third league. I'm currently ranked eighth of ten with a record of 3-10. My only good team is slowly working its way out of the playoffs after spending most of the season in first place. Five weeks ago I was 7-1 and flying high. Then I dropped four of the last five weeks and currently sit in a very tenuous fourth place with two weeks left to play before only four teams make the playoffs. I've never failed to send a single team to the playoffs before. I had finishes of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd last year and I have always medaled in a least two leagues since 2006. My life may be over as football geekdom was the only area in which I truly excelled.

But, hey, at least Falcons are incredible this year and the Thrashers are looking like they may have finally learned how to play hockey. I wonder if Pavelec's collapse on the ice to start the season was actually just his uploading the Really Awesome Goalie program directly into his brain, Matrix style.


Mickey said...

Go Falcons!

Christian said...

Go Panthers! oh wait...

Julie said...

Seems to me you could just be luring your Fantasy competitors into a false sense of security so they'll bet higher next year and THEN you can trounce them.