Tuesday, April 14, 2009

By the Way

No tornado-destroyed house for me. It's soggy, but still sturdy. K called about getting house insurance last night and the guy will be out this week to look to see what we should pay. We'll now have a new wonderful payment to make that we'll probably never get anything out of.

Somehow it seems smarter to just skip the insurance and simplify to the point that if we did lose everything we wouldn't be financially ruined. Good luck with that, right?


courtney said...

That's basically what I do. I don't own enough valuable stuff to make it worth it to get renter's insurance. Of course, if I owned a house it would be a different story.

Julie said...

It should be really cheap. I doubt your house would cost more than $100/sqft to rebuild and the rates are driven by the cost to rebuild, your credit (which I'm assuming is good since your car payment is less than your house payment) and the area. That will be the tricky part since I'm guessing the nearest fire station is a ways away.

Courtney, renters insurance is really cheap. You should be able to get a bare bones policy for $150/yr or less and some companies will give you a discount on your auto insurance (between 5-15%) so it could pay for itself.

Mickey said...

Julie is just chock-full of good advice!

Either way, I like the idea of simplifying. Can't hurt.